Harnessing data to improve energy Access

Beacon Power Services has been on the forefront of developing energy management software and providing energy analytics in Nigeria since 2010.

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Driving energy efficiency for Commercial & Industrial building facilities

Goal is to help C&I facilities minimize energy costs through:

Shadow Metering

Our software can monitor the power supplied by diesel generators enabling optimum generator sizing.

Diesel Monitoring

Is your business running on diesel fuel? Our software can save you money by helping eliminate diesel pilferage.

Building Management System

Our Building Management Systems are tailored to each facility, to reduce costs and maximize potential.

energy management

BPS Provides the solution to break the cycle of inefficiency

Beacon Monitor Software Platform

The central nervous system for managing your facilities' energy use.

energy management
energy management
energy management
energy management
Real-Time Updates

Manage your current power source, peak and average load demand, and cost across all of your locations.

decision-making tool

Our software benchmarks energy cost, highlights waste, and more enabling active facility management. 

energy management
energy management
energy management
enegy management

Why Beacon Power Services?


Beacon Power Services (BPS) has amassed significant experience developing energy software solutions in Nigeria. Because we adopt a bottom-up, boots-on-the-ground approach, we are often able to identify problems and issues that are unique to the Nigerian power value chain, and to provide solutions that are appropriately tailored.

BPS software is bespoke, fits appropriately within the market context, and is reflective of local economics in Nigeria. We provide our software at zero up-front cost, allowing our DisCo and Commercial/Industrial facility clients to spread payments for services over an extended period post-deployment (by which time value is being realized by our clients). This ensures that our incentives are aligned with the client’s over the long term. Our ethos is that we seek to partner, not just sell products.

We have a unique combination of strong local knowledge – gained over ten years of operating in Nigeria - and a deep pool of power sector (software) engineers that is unmatched locally. BPS develops its software in-house (not through “technical partners”). Our technology team has decades of prior experience at leading global electrical multinationals, developing software that is now deployed at some of the largest electric utilities in the world, such as Duke Energy, Exelon, Southern California Edison.