energy management

Our Goal

Our vision is to help electric distribution companies (DisCos) to improve efficiency by digitizing all aspects of their operations and automating key processes.

The resulting effect is that the DisCos maximize revenue and minimize operating costs, while consumers benefit from improved access to electricity.

Our mission is to help effect a 30% increase in energy access by 2025 for urban consumers of electricity by breaking the viscous cycle of grid inefficiency

Significant revenue losses from grid inefficiency
Consumers get an unsteady and unreliable energy supply

Cycle of inefficiency

Utilities (DisCos) unable to invest sufficiently in electric distribution grid
Inability to distribute sufficient energy into the grid

Beacon power services value

Our suite of intelligent energy software enables connection to smart meters - irrespective of manufacturer or type.

We have developed machine learning algorithms that harnesses data from meters to provide actionable insights, enabling electricity distribution companies (DisCos) improve operations.


Improvement in Operating Efficiency


Revenue Increase


Meter Types Integrated


Meter Units Integrated

energy management